About Us

WE CAN HELPThe Giving Fund (“TGF”) was established in 2014 by Lindsay and Alex Davis. The Davis’ wanted to be able to effect individuals and see the results of their contributions in real-time.  The problem with so many organizations in the United States are that you have administrative costs, salaries, expenses, all that may make up of over 90% of the actual gift, making the amount of the donation nearly insignificant.  The Davis’ feel TGF will help raise awareness for more local, centralized problems that others can contribute to in addition to the funds received by TGF in a more grassroots type effort. 

The mission of TGF is to simply change lives, this doesn’t mean money will be the route cause of that change, but if a significant amount of money is helpful for an individual, for example, having to face a life-changing surgery that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, then TGF has accomplished its goal for the week.

At the end of a full year, www.thegivingfund.org will have posted (on a weekly basis), the stories that moved us and made us want to make 52 $10,000 weekly contributions.  The “Success Stories” page will feature the videos we choose, and will hopefully help in spreading the awareness for causes that touched us the most.

Finally, TGF is a unique way of helping.  It is not meant to be taken advantage or thought of for anything other than incredibly life changing circumstances.  We thank you all ahead of time for your curiosity and appreciation for what we are doing.  TGF will make incredibly challenging decisions as there are so many problems in the world that could use a financial boost, and only one chosen cause per week.  We would love nothing more than to change the way others think about giving, we certainly have, and we are incredibly grateful to be able to help in this fashion.


The Giving Fund