Success Stories

The Success stories and feedback from past recipients is what keeps The Giving Fund going strong. Seeing the change The Giving Fund makes for a better life and promising future is what we are all about. Below are just a few recipients of The Giving Fund whose lives were changed and has made us proud of what we do!

Operation Underground Railroad

Our Underground Railroad is a nonprofit organization that rescue children throughout the world from human traffickers who use them as slaves. The organization is apprised of former military and government officials that help save children from these predators and assist governments to abolish child slavery. To learn more about O.U.R. please visit their website at

The Ramos Family

Christopher Ramos and his family have recently taken custody of their beautiful baby niece Victoria after the tragic loss to his brother-in-law. With already raising five children the sudden addition of a newborn with challenging conditions has put an economic burden on the whole family. With The Giving Fund’s donation of $10,000 to the Ramos family we hope to alleviate some of the financial burden and provide the special needs for Victoria and other necessities to help the entire Ramos family.

Mandy Abraham

Mandy is a disabled 30 year old woman with cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair but she doesn’t let that get her way. She is a substitute teacher and tutor in Ohio and loves life. Unfortunately, her van is not wheelchair accessible so it is very difficult for her to get in and out of her van without assistance and episodes of severe back spasms which limits her ability to get out and about. Thanks to Lindsay and Alex, TGF funded Mandy with $17,000 to get her a new van that is wheelchair accessible! She is truly a deserving candidate as you can see by watching her video on the TGF website.