‘We just touched down.’

We received a message from Tim Ballard, CEO, Operation Underground Railroad:

“…We just touched down in the Dominican Republic. You guys have sponsored this mission. Wednesday afternoon the sting happens! Two trafficking organizations will bring over 20 kids to a ‘sex party’. Biggest op like this ever in this country. I’ll keep you posted”

We are extremely excited to be able to support these operations to help fight, and stop the torture of children that have been abducted to their captures, raped and forced to perform sex acts on adults such as the “party” Tim Ballard is pretending to attend on Wednesday, where he and his jump team members, all of which are American military men, pretending to play the role of bachelor party attendees where 11 year old girls and boys are provided by the abductors . The Dominican Republic is a country where Child Sex Trafficking runs rampant. The United Nations Population Fund has revealed tens of thousands of Dominican women are victims of trafficking, not to mention how strong this country plays in to the number of millions of children around the world held captive by Child Sex traffickers. Additionally, the commercial sexual exploitation of local children by foreign tourists is a problem. Prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic prompting those that partake to go a step further in bringing children in to the mix, which is of course illegal. It is not easy to pinpoint the number of trafficked minors because they are difficult to identify, but we know the problem is immense. Haitian and Dominican traffickers operate with impunity along the border, operating like extensive networks that take advantage of the conditions of poverty experienced by Haitian families. These traffickers lie to parents in poverty to let their children leave, only for the children to end up being exploited in the sex trade, begging and street selling. Children who were brought into the country by traffickers, apart from being exposed to exploitation, live with feelings of having been abandoned and feel the absence of clear family references, while suffering discrimination, rejection and abuse. All this has a dramatic impact on their emotional and psychological welfare, affecting their future social relationships.

The Giving Fund is proud to have assisted in the fight against child sex slavery. We believe Operation Underground Railroad is not only a worthy cause we initially supported, it is something we will continue to support, but we would really appreciate the help of others in trusting O.U.R with donations of all kinds to help rid the population of this terrible epidemic. Since our first donation, Tim Ballard has been able to turn one jump team, into 4 jump teams. O.U.R. Jump Team members conduct extensive training, and aid foreign government officials on software they use to find traffickers, allowing them to utilize it to rescue children in their own countries and to apprehend the perpetrators.

We just want to wish Tim and his team good luck and a safe trip in the Dominican Republic, we wish you come home safely, and we are incredibly honored to be of some assistance!

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